How to Book a Taxi for London Tour – Complete Guide

Taxi for London Tour

How to Book a Taxi for London Tour – Complete Guide

People tend to plan their tours carefully, but small things are important when preparing for a tour, and one of them is transportation during the tour. Among the local taxi services, Wellington Cars of Wokingham provides a professional service to help you improve your sightseeing in London. In his blog, Wellington Cars of Wokingham will guide you on booking a taxi for London tour so that the trip will be pleasant.

Understanding Your Travel Needs

While planning our travel, we must better understand the requirements of hailing a taxi. Consider the following aspects:

  • Tour Itinerary: Enumerate the unique locations you plan to visit in London. The British Museum, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye are tourist sites worth visiting.
  • Group Size: Decide on the total number of people who are planning to make the purchase. This method will help you choose the right type of vehicle.
  • Luggage: Should you have your luggage, take care and compare its quantity and size to that of the accessible taxi.
  • Special Requirements: Add any specific requests about car type, extra seats for children, using a wheelchair, and other preferences.

About Wellington Cars of Wokingham

Wellington Cars of Wokingham is a popular taxi service provider that operates within the community through professionalism, reliability, and product offerings. They have various vehicles for hire, from standard cars for individuals and civil to luxurious cars and vans for groups. The drivers they hire are professional and have good knowledge of the critical attraction sites in London. In addition, they are wart destines who offer their customers the best experience they can offer.

Booking Options for the Taxi for London Tour

Wellington Cars of Wokingham offers multiple booking options to cater to your preferences and convenience:

  1. Online Booking: This is relatively simple and preferable. You must visit their website, locate the bookings section, and fill in the necessary particulars.
  2. Phone Booking: If you would love to be attended to by a voice directly from the company, you can call their customer services to place your reservation. The community will answer all the questions posted here in real time, making this option the most suitable.
  3. E-mail Booking: You can also book by email about the room you need. This method is helpful when you have many plans for the day and other specific requirements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Online

Step 1: Visit the Website

Go to the Wellington Cars of Wokingham website. Look for the ‘Book a Taxi for London Tour’ or similar option on the homepage.

Step 2: Enter Your Details

Fill in the booking form with the following details:

  • Pick-Up Location: Your starting point in Wokingham.
  • Drop-Off Location: Specify ‘London’ or particular landmarks you wish to visit.
  • Date and Time: When you need the taxi.
  • Return Trip: Indicate if you need a return journey and provide details.

Step 3: Select Vehicle Type

Choose the vehicle based on your group size and preferences. Options might include:

  1. Standard Car: Suitable for up to 4 passengers.
  2. Executive Car: For those preferring a more luxurious experience.
  3. Minivan: Ideal for larger groups or those with significant luggage.

Step 4: Additional Requirements

Specify any additional requirements such as:

  • Child seats
  • Wheelchair access
  • Unique stops along the route

Step 5: Review and Confirm

Review all entered details to ensure accuracy. Confirm the booking by submitting the form. You will receive a confirmation email with the booking details.

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking via Phone

Step 1: Call the Service

Dial the customer service number provided on the Wellington Cars of Wokingham website.

Step 2: Provide Details

Communicate your travel details to the customer service representative:

  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations
  • Date and Time
  • Vehicle Preference
  • Additional Requirements

Step 3: Confirmation

The representative will confirm your booking details and provide a booking reference number. You may also receive a confirmation email or text message.

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking via Email

Step 1: Compose Your Email

Write an email to the booking address provided on their website. Include:

  • Subject: Booking Request for London Tour
  • Body: Detail your pick-up and drop-off locations, date and time, vehicle preference, and any additional requirements.

Step 2: Send and Wait for Confirmation

Send the email and wait for a response. You should receive a confirmation email with all the booking details.

Preparing for Your London Taxi Tour

Once your taxi booking is confirmed, prepare for your London tour by:

  • Planning Your Itinerary: Sustain the last part of the location one would like to visit. These are the opening hours, ticket requirements, and spatial distribution of various attractions.
  • Packing Essentials: Include water, snacks, a map, and any tickets that you may need.
  • Checking Weather: Check the climate by visiting the weather channel to look at the forecast of London on the day you will be on the tour.

Day of the Tour

On the day of your tour:

  • Be Ready on Time: Please be ready when a car is scheduled to pick you up at a given time.
  • Contact Driver: Your driver may call or text you to confirm your pick-up time and may arrive at the appointed time. It also suggests that you should be ready to work with them if that is what is required.
  • Enjoy the Ride: So enjoy your flight and your journey towards London. Your driver can also give tips about sites you might want to visit in the city.

During the Tour

During your London tour:

  • Flexible Stops: Inform the driver if you need to make other halts or alterations while out riding.
  • Safety and Comfort: Ensure everyone follows the guidelines, especially if travelling with children.
  • Utilize Driver’s Knowledge: Get a driver from your chosen destination, as they will know the best roads to use. They can advise you on where to get good meals, where to find restaurants that are not many along the way, or even suggest time to visit famous places of interest.

Return Journey

If you booked a return journey:

  • Confirm Timing: Discuss with your driver the exact time he will pick you up and in what location.
  • Review Experience: Consider what you will do depending on the profile’s outcome and any comments that could be made about the taxi service.

Post-Tour Tips

  1. Provide Feedback: Tell us about your experience with Wellington Cars in Wokingham with your fellow audience. It will enable them to sustain high service delivery. For that, they need positive feedback; conversely, constructive feedback will assist them gain better delivery.
  2. Future Bookings: If a company meets your needs and expectations to your requirements during a particular trip, then that agency should be booked again for a subsequent trip.

Popular Taxi Tour Routes in London

Here are some popular routes and landmarks you might consider for your Taxi for London Tour:

The Classic Route:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
  • London Eye
  • Trafalgar Square

Historical London:

  • Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • The British Museum
  • The Globe Theatre

Cultural Tour:

  • The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum
  • The Royal Albert Hall
  • Kensington Palace

Shopping and Entertainment:

  • Oxford Street
  • Regent Street
  • Covent Garden
  • Soho
  • Camden Market

Hidden Gems:

  • Little Venice
  • Hampstead Heath
  • Greenwich and the Royal Observatory
  • Richmond Park
  • Leadenhall Market


Arranging an advanced London taxi tour through the Wellington Cars of Wokingham is a wise option. Depending on the trip’s details, your choice of the booking channel and proper preparation would enable a trouble-free journey. Below, you can read through the potential booking procedure to get more information and benefit from your sightseeing trip to London. Safe travels!