Places to Visit Near Gatwick Within 500 KM

Places to Visit Near Gatwick

Places to Visit Near Gatwick Within 500 KM


Gatwick Airport is a bustling UK airport where many people come and go. Many use it to change planes, but there are many unique Places to Visit Near Gatwick that you can explore if you have the time. This guide will discuss some excellent travel destinations around Gatwick that you can reach with Wellington Cars of Wokingham. Each place has its cool stuff to see and do. So, prepare for an adventure as we check out some Sightseeing Options near Gatwick!

Places to Visit Near Gatwick with us

London, England (Approx. 46 km):

Our first destination is the fantastic city of London! It’s famous for its rich history and culture. There’s so much to see, like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, which are ancient and remarkable buildings. You can also visit excellent museums, take a walk by the River Thames, or go shopping at places like Camden Market or Covent Garden, where there’s lots of stuff to buy. London has a lively atmosphere and many different cultures, so something interesting always happens. Whether you’re checking out Big Ben or trying delicious food from around the world, London is a city that will keep you fascinated!

Brighton, England (Approx. 41 km):

Next up, we have the lively seaside town of Brighton! It’s famous for its beaches, which are made of pebbles, a fantastic pier, and a fun vibe. Lots of people love coming here for a break. You can relax on the beach, wander around the cute streets with many unique shops and cafes, or go up high in the British Airways i360 tower to see amazing views. Brighton has a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, especially at night when the town comes alive with its fun nightlife. Whether trying yummy seafood at the busy Brighton Marina or checking out the incredible street art, Brighton has something extraordinary for everyone!

Oxford, England (Approx. 103 km):

Let’s now explore the world of learning and history by visiting the beautiful city of Oxford! Oxford is famous for its old and prestigious University of Oxford. It’s a beautiful place with impressive buildings, lovely gardens, and exciting museums. You can walk around the university’s colleges, check out the Bodleian Library, or even go punting on the peaceful River Cherwell. Whether you’re into books or history or want a quiet getaway, Oxford has something for everyone. You can visit places like Christ Church College, which has ancient and impressive buildings, or enjoy the beautiful plants at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. Oxford is like stepping into a world of intelligent people and rich history, and it’s a place where you can learn a lot and have a great time!

Cambridge, England (Approx. 125 km):

Let’s now travel to Cambridge, a renowned university city! It is well-known for its beautiful structures, which include the elegant River Cam and the magnificent King’s College Chapel. Cambridge exudes an air of brilliance and charm. You can explore the historic buildings, take a leisurely punt along the river, or stroll the cobblestone streets. It’s a lovely location with many green areas, such as the botanical gardens, where lovely plants are on display. For everyone who enjoys learning and history, Cambridge is ideal. You may cycle in the gorgeous surrounding countryside or visit unique locations like the Fitzwilliam Museum. You shouldn’t miss Cambridge because it has so much to offer!

Canterbury, England (Approx. 111 km):

Travel back in time by visiting the medieval city of Canterbury! It’s most famous for its fantastic cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Canterbury is full of history and is essential for religion. You can walk around the old town’s narrow streets, check out the old St. Augustine’s Abbey ruins, or join a tour to learn about the city’s past. Canterbury has this unique charm that makes you feel like you’re in the olden days. Whether looking at the beautiful stained glass windows in the cathedral or enjoying a classic afternoon tea in a cute tearoom, Canterbury lets you experience the magic of traditions that have been around for centuries. It’s a place where you can feel the history!

Stonehenge, England (Approx. 138 km):

A trip to England would only be complete with seeing the incredible wonder of Stonehenge! It’s located on the Salisbury Plain, an ancient monument that still puzzles people today. You can go to the visitor center to learn all about its history and why it’s so important, and then you can see the fantastic stone circle up close. Whether you love history or want to see something cool, Stonehenge will amaze you. You can even go early in the morning or evening to see the sun rising or setting over Stonehenge, which is magical. Plus, around Stonehenge, there are many other ancient places to explore, like old burial mounds and places where archaeologists have found ancient stuff. Stonehenge is like a window into England’s ancient past, an experience you will remember!

Bath, England (Approx. 176 km):

Treat yourself to a fancy trip to the historic city of Bath! Bath is well-known for its beautiful Georgian buildings and natural hot springs that people have enjoyed for centuries. You can see the famous Royal Crescent, which is exceptional, or visit the Roman Baths to learn about the city’s past. And if you want to relax, you can treat yourself to a spa day at the Thermae Bath Spa, which is luxurious. Bath has so much history and stunning architecture; the hot springs make it even more unique. Whether admiring the fancy buildings or taking a peaceful boat ride on the River Avon, Bath is about relaxing and enjoying its timeless beauty.

Windsor, England (Approx. 49 km):

Let’s head to the majestic town of Windsor, where you’ll find the stunning Windsor Castle! It’s the oldest and biggest castle people still live in, filled with royal history and splendor. You can wander around the fancy State Apartments, stroll in the beautiful gardens, or watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony, which is fantastic. Windsor has a lot of royal connections, and it’s right by the River Thames, so it’s super English. Whether you’re admiring the beautiful St. George’s Chapel or going for a relaxing boat ride on the river, Windsor gives you a royal experience that’s fit for a king or queen!

Portsmouth, England (Approx. 86 km):

Discover the maritime history and seaside charm of Portsmouth! It’s famous for its naval past and has many cool things to see. You can visit the historic ships at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, go up the Spinnaker Tower for amazing views, or explore the quaint waterfront area of Old Portsmouth. Whether you love history and the sea or want a scenic getaway, Portsmouth has it all. You can check out the old ships at the Mary Rose Museum or try some delicious seafood at Gunwharf Quays. Portsmouth invites you to dive into a maritime adventure filled with history and tradition—it’s an excellent place for everyone to explore!

The Cotswolds, England (Approx. 173 km):

Experience the beauty of the countryside with a trip to the lovely Cotswolds! It’s known for its rolling hills, charming villages, and cute cottages made of honey-colored stone, which give it a timeless and peaceful vibe. You can visit quaint market towns like Stow-on-the-Wold and Bourton-on-the-Water, take relaxing walks along scenic trails, or enjoy the calm atmosphere of rural England. The Cotswolds offer a classic English experience with its picturesque landscapes and villages that look like they belong on a postcard. Whether exploring charming villages like Bibury or Broadway or going for a scenic hike along the Cotswold Way, the Cotswolds invite you to relax and enjoy the simple joys of country life in its beautiful surroundings.


From London’s busy city life to the Cotswolds’ peaceful countryside, the Day Out Ideas Near Gatwick Airport has something for everyone. Whether you’re into old buildings, excellent museums, or just enjoying nature, there’s tons to explore. Each Sightseeing option near Gatwick on this list guarantees a fantastic adventure you will remember. So, get your bags ready and hop on a ride with Wellington Cars to discover all the excellent Travel Destinations Around Gatwick—there’s so much waiting for you to explore!


Q: What areas do Wellington Cars serve?

Wellington Cars provides rides around Gatwick Airport and to various places across the UK. Whether you’re heading to the airport, traveling locally, or going far, we’re here to help.

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Yes, we offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles if you need one. Just let us know your needs when you book, and we’ll ensure you have suitable accommodations for your journey.

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Your safety is our priority. We clean our vehicles thoroughly and follow all health guidelines. Plus, you can pay without contact for extra peace of mind.

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