Beyond Shopping: Things to Do Around Bicester Village

Things to Do Around Bicester Village

Beyond Shopping: Things to Do Around Bicester Village

Why Visit Bicester Village?

Bicester Town is one of the UK’s most famous shopping objections, drawing many guests yearly. This extravagance shopping safe house in the pleasant Oxfordshire field offers something beyond a retail insight. It’s where you can enjoy excellent quality shopping and dazzling feasting and find the rich history and culture of the encompassing region.

Guests are drawn to Bicester Town for its broad scope of planner outlets, offering critical limits on good quality style, frill, and way of life brands. With more than 160 shops, including eminent names like Gucci, Prada, and Burberry, there’s something for everybody, whether you’re searching for the most recent patterns or exemplary pieces.

Yet, there’s something else to do when you trip to Bicester Village from London besides shopping. The encompassing locale offers attractions, from memorable destinations and lovely parks to beguiling towns and towns. It makes Bicester Town a brilliant base for investigating the joys of Oxfordshire and then some.

What’s Included in Our Day Trip Package?

At Wellington Cars of Wokingham, we offer a far-reaching road day trip to Bicester Village from London, guaranteeing a consistent experience from beginning to end.

Agreeable and Rich Vehicle

We have always kept up with rich vehicles, guaranteeing an agreeable excursion to and from Bicester Town. Whether you’re traveling alone, with family, or in a gathering, we have the right vehicle to address your issues. Our accomplished and respectful expert drivers of day trips to Bicester Village from London guarantee a lovely and calm outing.

Customized fleet

Each guest is remarkable, so we offer customized schedules for your inclinations. Whether you’re a style lover, a set of experiences buff, or a foodie, we can redo your outing to incorporate the exercises and attractions that make the most significant difference to you.

Select Offers and Limits

As a component of our organization with Bicester Town, we offer our clients restrictive admittance to extra limits and offers at chosen shops. This implies you can appreciate substantial reserve funds for your number one brand.

Feasting Reservations

Avoid sitting tight for a table by letting us deal with your eating reservations for a trip to Bicester Village from London. Bicester Town offers various choices, from easygoing diners to top-notch eateries. We’ll guarantee you have a table holding up at your favored spot so you can unwind and partake in your dinner.

Trending Attractions Around Bicester Village

While Bicester Town is a fabulous objective in itself, there are a few attractions close by that are worth visiting. Here are some moving attractions to consider:

Blenheim Castle

Simply a short drive from Bicester Town, Blenheim Castle is a UNESCO World Legacy site and the origin of Sir Winston Churchill. This dazzling Rococo castle flaunts stunning engineering, delightfully finished gardens, and a rich history. Investigate the lavish staterooms, walk around the nurseries, and partake in the different shows and occasions over time.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds, with its moving slants, captivating towns, and incredible scenes, is the most beautiful region in England. Explore the curious towns of Bourton-on-the-Water, Reserve on-the-Wold, and Bibury, each offering novel shops, traditional bars, and spectacular viewpoints. The Cotswolds is unmistakably appropriate for those wanting to move away from the hustling around of the city and participate as one and peacefulness.


Known as the “City of Dreaming Pinnacles,” Oxford is home to one of the world’s most settled and famous universities. A short drive from Bicester Town, Oxford offers numerous attractions, including the vital School of Oxford, the Bodleian Library, and the Ashmolean Display. Take a versatile visit through the school, explore the delightful colleges, and participate in the unique climate of this eminent city.

Waddesdon House

Waddesdon House, a brilliant French Renaissance-style manor, is another must-visit fascination close to Bicester Town. The lodges have a noteworthy craftsmanship assortment, furniture, and beautifying expressions and were worked by Aristocrat Ferdinand de Rothschild in the late nineteenth 100 years. The nurseries are similarly dazzling, including formal gardens, a parterre, and a wonderful aviary.

Silverstone Circuit

For motorsport fans, a visit to Silverstone Circuit is an unquestionable necessity. Home to the English Stupendous Prix, Silverstone offers a scope of encounters, from directed visits and track days to driving encounters in elite execution vehicles. Feel the adventure of hustling on one of the world’s most renowned circuits and discover the historical backdrop of motorsport in the UK.

Tips for Planning Your Trip with Us

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your day: 

Book in Advance

In this way, to ensure accessibility and find the most positive costs, we encourage you to book half a month before the beginning of your excursion. It is pronounced during the year’s end, Easter, Christmas, and other merry seasons.

Know Your Preferences

In every travel strategy, the organizers should ask themselves: Is your primary interest in buying merchandise, or does the tourist also wish to see other attractions? That is why we want to hear from you; we will design the itinerary with a flavor you would love.

Dress Comfortably

Suppose you spend much time walking, shopping, or having a particularly active or physically demanding day in the destination area. In that case, it is best to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It is located at Bicester Village, an open-air shopping mall that comes with the weather conditions.

Plan Your Shopping

You should prepare a list of boutiques you would like to shop at and then rank them in order of preference. It will assist you in saving precious time, and you will be able to experience the most fabulous shops with a Taxi Shopping Trip from London to Bicester Village.

  • Taking advantage of our services may be beneficial, so we offer Facilities Management services to our clients.

Enjoy a night of dining and explore the landmarks of the place through the guidance provided in the package deals. These services aim to provide various services to make your day comfortable and stress-free.

Areas We Travel & Serve To & From London

Here are some of the key areas we serve:

Central London

It is flexible for all transport services from all areas in central London, such as Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, and the cost of the City of London. Our drivers are well-versed in traffic patterns, and thus they can circumvent all the traffic jams in London to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Heathrow Airport

We provide airport pick-up and drop services for those coming in or leaving Heathrow Airport. Don’t suffer in trains/buses; come for a safe and smooth ride full of comfort and free from tension.

Surrounding Counties

Besides London, our coverage area includes three other counties: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, and Oxfordshire. No matter your location within southern England, whether in Reading, Windsor, Guildford, or Oxford, we can offer transportation services to the Bicester Village and back.

Why Choose Us for Shopping Trips to Bicester Village?

Choosing Wellington Cars of Wokingham for your shopping trips to Bicester Village comes with numerous benefits:

Reliability and Punctuality

With London to Bicester Village Taxi Service, customers are assured of timely service delivery, hence our tagline – ‘reliable, punctual services.’ Our drivers are of high professional standards, knowledgeable about the routes, and, most importantly, dedicated to making you arrive at your destinations on time. Allow us to help you with your journey, and be assured that it will be as seamless as you imagine.

Comfort and Luxury

Add elegance and comfort to your travel options with our impressive array of cars for hire. We have a variety of vehicles for hire to suit individuals or large groups. Going around the city or in a group, we have the right vehicle for hire. Our clients need comfort while traveling, so our cars are well-maintained, spacious, and possess all the qualities of modern cars.

Knowledgeable Guides

Professional tour guides can recommend the most effective shops, good restaurants, and other exciting sites. Whether it is the latest fashion trends, knowledge of ancient times, or an excellent restaurant to grab a bite, our guides are always ready to assist.

Stress-Free Experience

At our venue, there will be no need to bother about any of these concerns; everything will be taken care of for you. With transport and dining bookings, guided tours, and special offers, we would be pleased to manage all these aspects to make your trip effortless and exciting.


In the end, a visit to London to Bicester Village Taxi Services is something other than a shopping trip. It’s a chance to investigate the magnificence and culture of Oxfordshire, appreciate rich vehicles and customized administration, and make the most of restrictive offers and limits. Whether you’re a style fan, a set of experiences darling, or just searching for a loosening up outing, we bring something to the table. Book your excursion today and discover what Bicester Town and the surrounding region offer.


Q: What’s the best Bicester shopping trip?

Plan, check for discounts, go on weekdays, and wear comfy shoes.

Q: What day is best to go to Bicester Village?

Weekdays, avoid weekends and holidays.

Q: How much does going to Bicester Village from London cost?

Train: £20-£40 round trip. Bus: around £28 round trip.

Q: How long is the taxi from London to Bicester Village?

It requires around 1.5-2 hours, contingent upon traffic.